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Every year The Action Group ask the people we support how they feel their support is going. This is called an evaluation.

This helps us to improve our service as you can tell us:


  • what is working well, 

  • what could be better

  • what changes you would like to see. 

This year's Evaluation has been extended and will now close on the 29th of February.

Prize Draw
50 voucher 2.png

This year by completing your Evaluations 2024 you will have a chance to enter our prize draw to win one of our two £50 shopping vouchers!.

To enter the prize draw, you will need to provide your name. Don't worry!, your Evaluation responses will remain anonymous, and your name will only be used for the prize draw.

Click on the button to start your Evaluation

How to use the Evaluation Form?

What is an Evaluation?

Need Support?

If you would feel more comfortable completing your evaluation with someone from outside your staff team, we are happy to help.

Drop-in sessions
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contact us.png

We can support you:

  • Over the phone

  • We can support you over a ZOOM video call

Please email support for details: 

What is Talking Mats?

Talking Mat Evaluation

Did you know there is a Talking Mat Evaluation Available for those who need it?


Please speak with your Manager.

Talking Mats
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