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TAG NetZero


The Action Group are looking at what they can do to be kinder to the planet. This plan is called TAG NetZero 

At New Year we think about the things we would like to do in the year ahead. Things like: 


  • Trying something new

  • Working towards something 


Looking after our planet is one goal that we can all work towards.


This means finding ways to:


  • be kinder to the planet 

  • reduce pollution and waste


There are lots of ways to do this! 

Click on the button to tell us your ideas.

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Ideas for Green Goals!


Going meat and dairy free for January

Click the button to o find out more about Veganuary.


What we wear 

Buying clothes from your local charity shop or places like Depop can help to:


  • Give clothes a second lif

  • Be kinder to the planet 


How we travel 

Easy ways to be kinder to the planet include things like using buses, trams, trains, walking and cycling.


This can help keep us healthy too

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When it comes to helping keep the planet healthy your voice matters! 


Why not share your ideas on how we can help to keep the planet healthy.

Click on the button to tell us your ideas.

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