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Keep using Covid sense

It is important to remember Covid has not gone away. 

There are things you can do to  stay well and protect others, like:

  • Try to stay at home if you have symptoms

  • If you have symptoms and do need to go out, wear a well-fitting face covering

  • Washing your hands regularly

  • Get the vaccine if offered to give you the best possible protection

  • Meeting in well-ventilated spaces 

  • Support Distance Aware, for anyone who prefers others to take extra care around them

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Winter Vaccines

Vaccines to help protect you this winter:

Flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are now being offered to those who are eligible. 

It’s strongly recommended you get vaccinated if you’re eligible this winter. 

Most adults who are eligible for one or both vaccines will have already been contacted by NHS Scotland.

Children and young people under 16 with certain conditions are eligible for a coronavirus vaccine this winter. 

Invitations or prompts to book an appointment have been sent to people aged 12 to 15. 

Parents and carers of people under 12 should wait to be contacted by NHS Scotland.


If you are unsure In anyway please speak with your support staff who will be happy to help. 

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